OUR LAND, is a global exhibition series documenting the connection between a country’s people and the land or sea they inhabit.

The photographic study poetically observes, without intrusion, the types of relationships locals have with their land. The photographs have a timeless aesthetic that celebrate the unspoiled values of living off the land while beautifully capturing the essence of escape. Where their vast horizons offer a transcending sense of isolation, it is not long before one is enveloped in the warm sense of belonging, with each piece offering a vista that you long to step into and, perhaps, one that you never want to leave. The OUR LAND Series from New Zealand’s “Maxy”, is truly a work of narrative art. The first part of the series led Maxy down the west coast of the South island of New Zealand and the 2nd to the island of Bali.  He continue his documentation around the world. - Get in contact to purchase a print.

A lot of us kiwis have a strong connection with the land and sea. It’s one that I am constantly exploring and gaining a greater understanding of.
I love meeting people of the land. A West Coaster will give you the shirt off their back and thank you for it.
I love setting out, taking photos and yarning to good old kiwi folk.
I love taking advantage of all the great outdoor activities NZ has to offer as much as I love to document people enjoying theirs.