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Director - Photographer -  DOP - Lover of the land- All round GC


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Mount Domet.

South Canterbury

Maxy cooking up a dry meal on a rocky outcrop in South Canterbury

" I love the fact that we live in a country that offers us such an amazing outdoor lifestyle. I love working on projects that get me amongst it.”

“Here to get shit done”

Maxy is a director/DOP with a visual narrative focus, combining technical skill and a talent for telling emotive stories. This soulful surfer from the North Island of New Zealand is the guy you want to go on the road with. A technician and an artist in equal measure, he’s inquisitive, thoughtful, clued-up, hands-on and solutions-focused. Simply put, he gets shit done.

With a background in stills photography, Maxy finds beauty in places and faces. A farm boy at heart, he sees human nature and Mother Nature as being innately intertwined.

Maxy’s driving motivation is having the potential power to touch others with his film and photography. You could say he’s got his feet firmly on the ground while at the same time looking at the stars.

Inspired from a young age by the photography of National Geographic, he has a fascination with getting under the skin of his subjects and really capturing them through the lens. His ability to do this has seen his work in exhibitions in NZ, as well as Bali and New York.

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Truckand MaxyWEB.jpg

Blue Mountains

South Island NZ

Maxy on one of his photography expeditions

"I’m fascinated by how the environment we live in shapes us. I believe learning and understanding different people and cultures can in turn help us better understand ourselves.”


Now backed by production companies Eight (Video) and IDC (Stills), he has a team with the weight to combine his relaxed shooting style with a well-planned schedule. This combination has proven to be successful and has seen him work with some of the hottest agencies in town. Maxy has worked with the likes of Collenso BBDO, Ogilvy, VML Y&R, FCB, and Barnes, Catmur and Friends Densu producing work for both local and international clients.


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Dan Max

e. danmax@me.com

p. +64 21 629 622


EIGHT (Film)


NZ p. +64 9 309 8488

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IDC Worldwide Ltd (Photography)

Michele Richards

Ph +64 9 3764464 Cell +64 21 432583

Email michele@idc.co.nz

Web idc.co.nz



Tairua, Coromandel NZ

Maxy and his dog "Girl" in the bush

"In my exhibition work I try to employ an aesthetic that (without fanfare) reveals the inherent beauty of naturally lived, observed moments.”




Maxys dog ‘Girl’ on the point for

some dinner.

Unified by a love for the Earth and the people who live in it.


‘Girl’ scenting out a surf break.






If there's anything you'd like to have a yarn about,

Dan Max

e. danmax@me.com

p. +64 21 629 622